Impact of research in combating COVID-19

There is no doubt that many of you must be trying to balance your personal and professional lives while reading this article at home. COVID-19 has created a worldwide stir and global health crisis that has deeply impacted people’s ‘world view. The sudden outbreak of the virus has made working remotely a common practice these days. Governments and organizations are encouraging employees to work from home and practice social distancing. This has brought about a huge transformation in our work lifestyle.

Scientists, researchers, and medical experts are working extensively to find a vaccine that could contain the virus. They aim to develop an insight, understand clinical characteristics, and zero in on the transmission process to find an effective cure that could put an end to this pandemic. Travel bans are imposed, borders are sealed, and even schools and most organizations are shut. There is no definitive way to say when we will discover the right vaccine and return to our normal lives—the light at the end of the tunnel is still not in sight.

After the first case was reported by China, the research community gathered samples, collected data, and conducted research, after which Coronavirus was classified as a single-stranded RNA virus, similar to the beta (β) coronaviruses found in bats. It contains positive-sense RNA viruses projecting spikes that start to replicate as soon as they come into contact with human cells and DNA. Various articles and studies have been published that established the genome type and historical connections to the pathogens identified earlier.

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Editors are coordinating with each other to keep track of latest developments as well as manage each project with the utmost earnestness. We believe the research community will soon have a breakthrough in developing a vaccine that would both treat and prevent COVID-19.

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