Journal Selection: A systematic way to pick a suitable journal for publication

Journal publication is an effective way by which scholars can gain recognition in their respective research area and explore more professional opportunities in the future. Writing an academic paper or manuscript is a tedious process that requires a lot of research, time investment, and months of planning. From manuscript formatting to multiple drafts, there are many different steps involved in completing a manuscript. For a scholar or researcher, the work does not just end here. After completing the scientific manuscript, the next thing an author needs to do is find a suitable journal so that they can get on-time approval and get their work published without facing rejection from research editors.

Whether it is a new author or an experienced one, everyone struggles to find a journal that matches perfectly with their topic of research. Lack of proper knowledge and requisite information is usually the reason for authors ending up picking the wrong journal. To minimize the chances of manuscript rejection, consider the following that would help in making the right choice:

  1. Topic Selection and Field of Study: You can begin your search by listing the topic on which you have prepared your manuscript. It will help you categorize your search result according to the field of study and access more options when you look for a specific journal for publication. For instance, if the topic of your research is ‘Engineered Bimolecular Catalysts’, then it will likely come under disciplines of Inorganic Chemistry, Biomolecular Engineering, Biotechnology, and Life Science. Knowing the field of study will ultimately help you shortlist different journals that publish related content.
  1. Identifying the Journal’s Purpose: Every journal specializes in different study areas and has a unique purpose. If you know the basic characteristics of a journal, then you can easily select the right one that caters to your publishing requirements and objectives.
  • Research journal: A research journal primarily focuses on high-end research work done by researchers, scholars, and academicians in different fields of study.
  • Peer-reviewed journal: The research papers published in this journal are thoroughly reviewed using a comprehensive peer review process done by one or more experts.
  • Clinical journal: Research papers related to innovation and development of the latest clinical research and diagnostic processes are published in this type of journal.
  1. Target content: Every journal has a different target audience that is dependent on its core content. If you want to submit a research report or a commentary, make sure that the journal publishes the content in the same format. If this is your first time publishing a manuscript, then choosing a journal that publishes original research work will benefit you in the long run.
  1. Total coverage: A journal dealing with the publication of only case reports or review articles might not be able to offer you the right amount of coverage. You should go through the type of content coverage provided by the journal, as it will make the process of shortlisting the top journals for publication a lot easier. Remember the overall journal coverage is an extremely important factor to be kept in mind.
  1. Journal’s average readership: No matter how good your work is, not having enough readers will defeat the purpose of publishing your work. Before you submit your manuscript to the journal, make sure that it has a wider reach and readership. It is preferable to stick to renowned English international journals.
  1. Citation frequency: The easiest way to determine the quality of a journal is to find out how many times the articles published in the journal are cited in the same or other journals of the same subject. The Impact Factor is a valuable attribute in deciding the quality of research work and papers published by the journal. A high Impact Factor is always a positive sign to base your decision on.

If you are determined to see your hard work published in top-of-the-line international journals, then the above-mentioned factors will help you gather all the necessary data and information. Take the first step towards journal publishing by exploring professional copy-editing services. Choose a journal that is not only well known but has the reach and the desired target audience as well.

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