Strategies to increase your productivity during COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has forced everyone to stay home and work online. Working from home can be quite challenging for some: to manage their personal lives, deal with distractions and finish work on time, coordinate with the team members, and to adopt a proactive approach.

Brainstorming a business plan is one thing, but its proper execution is quite another—the most challenging part. Organizations and companies can achieve the desired goals and objectives through effective communication with the employees. To overcome such challenges, here are a few strategies to enhance efficiency and productivity levels during COVID-19.

  1. Regular meetings: To ensure maximum engagement that further leads to increased productivity, start by conducting meetings in an effective manner. As virtual meetings have become an integral part of the communication process, allocate a specific amount of time for daily meetings based on daily agenda and purpose. Provide instructions to the team members and keep conversations direct, and this way you can get maximum output. Prioritize matters that call for immediate action. Ask for feedback from the employees and try to implement the changes in the next meeting. Document the minutes of the meeting and share it with the team.
  2. Set a routine: Adopt an effective work approach by creating a flexible yet predictable work schedule. You can either set a timer or create a to-do list on your laptop. Make a list of your goals for the week and incorporate it into your daily schedule. It will help you work at your convenience without disrupting the workflow. Follow a healthy lifestyle and take care of yourself both mentally as well as physically. Once you make a schedule, try to stick to it.
  • Take regular breaks
  • Take time to unwind
  • Spend your working hours productively
  • Exercise and stretch regularly
  • Get proper sleep
  • Take your meals at the right time
  1. Keep learning: Working from home can be sometimes exhausting, you can get the most out of it by following a healthy routine. This will help you get ample time to balance your professional and personal life. Staying home is a perfect time for you to sharpen your skills. Online courses are gaining popularity nowadays, so all you need to do is set aside a few hours every week and learn something new. For example, if you are an author, you can easily take an academic writing or creative writing course and develop a better understanding of the topic. You can choose the level of difficulty based on your requirements and earn a certification.
  2. Interact with others: During these difficult times, it is perfectly normal to feel isolated and distracted. Staying connected with other people is the best way to prevent this. When it comes to work, you can connect with your teammates virtually and discuss not only work-related matters but other things as well. Create a forum where all the employees can share their personal feelings, thoughts, and ideas without hesitation. Doing this will keep the employees motivated and will give them something positive to look forward to. Modifying your style of communication can have a great impact, because the more connected you are, the more dedicated you will become, in working as part of the team.
  3. Build a workspace: Select a quiet room where you can work without any distractions. Having a dedicated workspace will help you stay productive and active throughout the day. If you cannot dedicate a room for your work, you should consider installing a proper chair and table instead of working from your bedroom. Arrange your table neatly and keep all the necessary items that you may need to work such as a notepad, pen, or any other tools.
  4. Technological tools: Save your time by centralizing the information instead of using multiple platforms. It would be beneficial for you to use central databases to store and access information in one place. Use apps such as Skype and Zoom to communicate with your clients and teammates. Create an online group to interact with other employees when required. Set gentle reminders for the meetings, you can either send a group message or an e-mail.

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