Tips and techniques to promote your research worldwide

A research paper allows the researchers to communicate their research findings with the world. It helps them to apply for grants and grow in their career. Research promotion is an essential process that helps researchers to increase the visibility of their work and gain recognition in their field.

According to the latest data released by Facebook Newsroom, Facebook currently has 2.41 monthly active users. Using the right keywords can enhance the readership of your article, as it helps increase the organic traffic. For example, if you have published your research online in a journal, then the readers can find your paper through keyword research. All they need to do is type the name of the author or subject area or name of the publisher to access the paper. Here is a list of four effective ways to promote your article online:

Keyword insertion: Make a list of keywords that are relevant to your subject area and topic. Include the keywords in the title, subtitle, abstract, and introduction section. This will allow your target audience to access your paper online.

Interesting title: Create a title that depicts the central theme of your research. It should not be longer than 8–12 words; you can also insert at least 1–2 keywords in the title. 

Social media: Devise a strategy and identify what type of content would be useful. Do some active research and create a posting schedule to share blog links, images, and videos.

Networking: Share your thoughts and ideas in academic groups and forums. Discuss the writing process, ask for feedback and advice from the group members. Share your journey as a researcher, as it will help you engage with your readers more proficiently.

Advantages of promoting your research:

Wider reach: Connect with the target audience by using social media. Share the content online and increase its visibility. Share the link of your article across the internet, engage with the readers, and promote your paper.

More value: Promoting your article will also increase the visibility of the journal. Sharing your research can help you get more citations, thus increasing the impact factor of the journal.

Influence: Connecting with the target audience is the right way to influence them so that they read your work.

Follow these tips to promote your article on a grand scale:

  • Abstract: Write a descriptive abstract by summarizing the key information. Include keywords and key phrases to make your paper discoverable.
  • Account creation: Create your account on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can also share the links of your article on your social media profile and engage with the readers.
  • ORCID ID: Register at ORCID and get a unique ID to distinguish yourself from other researchers and scientists. You can use the same ID even if you switch universities or change your name in the future.
  • Conference: Write a strong research statement and discuss the media prospects of the work with your editor. Present your paper at academic conferences, as it will help you build a network and connect with more scholars. Participate in informal discussions and take feedback from fellow researchers.

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