Why should authors promote their research work online?

With thousands of papers published in journals every day, your research must be communicated to the right target audience. You can use the internet to increase the visibility and citation count of your paper. Develop a promotional strategy focused on increasing the reach of your research output.

How to promote your research article using different techniques?

Strategize: Develop a marketing plan to acquire the data of your target audience. Identify your target audience and the target segment that would be interested in reading your research. You can also contact research universities, institutions, or consult with your colleagues.

Medium: Find out which channel is more suitable for you to connect with your audience. Which is the channel other researchers are using? Which channel is more popular? Choosing the most suited channel will help you get more views on the article, thus increasing the citation count.

Summarize information: Write a summary that covers all the main points of your research. Post it online on academic forums and groups and interact with the members. You can also create a podcast or video to engage with your audience.

Daily updates: Create social media accounts on a different platform and post daily updates. Plan a content strategy and post regularly. What format do you want to use? Do you want to post an infographic or images? Create a timeline and choose a time for posting.

Use keywords: The audience uses keywords to search what they are looking for online. If a student wants to download an article, he or she will enter either the name of the subject area or the topic. Including such keywords in the article will make your paper searchable online. You can include the keywords in the title, introduction, and abstract of your paper.

Online profile: Create a strong online presence by actively using social media. Some common platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and ResearchGate (an effective altmetric indicator for active researchers). It will help you establish credibility as a published author and connect with the research community. Write a strong bio and share your personal and professional experiences within your network.

Track metrics: Wait for at least 2 to 3 weeks after implementing the content strategy. Are your posts performing well? Is there an increase in the total number of views, downloads, and shares? Track the citation count and h-index to promote your research output.

What are the various tools for promoting research online?

SEO: Learn about search engine optimization to increase the online visibility of your article. This will get you more readers and a high search engine ranking on Google.

  • Insert keywords in your daily posts
  • Upload images, graphs, and pictures related to the research
  • Create keyword-rich titles and headings
  • Share links across platforms
  • Add a meta description of your blogs

Conferences: Present your paper in academic conferences and make new connections. You can also create a dynamic presentation focusing on the key features of your research.

Journal selection: Choose a journal that is in line with the subject area and topic of your research paper. Use the right journal to disseminate your research findings and results.

  • Discuss with your colleagues
  • Check online databases
  • Check the prominent papers published in your subject area
  • Assess the scope of the journal
  • Review the editorial committee
  • Evaluate the journal’s impact factor

Journal metrics: The metrics will help you select a suitable journal for submitting your article.

  • What is the response time?
  • What is the acceptance rate?
  • Does the journal have an international reach?
  • Are there any prominent articles published in the journal?
  • What is the average citation count?

Altmetrics: You can measure the impact of your article using Altmetrics once you upload it online.

  • How many times your article is downloaded?
  • Who are your readers?
  • Are people sharing your posts?
  • How many times the content is shared?
  • What are the demographics of the audience?

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