How Cosmic Strands is ensuring the well-being of employees during the pandemic COVID-19?

Recently, many organizations moved their businesses online due to the pandemic COVID-19. Most of the companies are now working remotely to protect their employees and help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It is a challenge for the leaders to run the business as well as ensure the well-being of their employees at the same time. Organizations have adopted flexible work policies to support the employees and help them work from home with ease.

Digital technology has played an important role in establishing and maintaining a connection between the employees and managers. Nowadays there are many online platforms, using which we can connect with our teammates and share the work updates. Cosmic Strands has been using this opportunity to let the employees open up and share their personal thoughts and ideas. We believe that implementing mental health initiatives is essential as it boosts the morale and confidence of the employees.

At Cosmic Strands, our team of editors is now working remotely for the past three months. We have implemented a number of initiatives aimed at improving our communication and performance. Our HR department has created various policies to keep in check the mental health and physical well-being of the staff. To promote awareness, we have opened an online forum to stay connected with each other and discuss both personal and professional matters.

We understand that it is common to feel isolated and demotivated during such testing times. To tackle this, we have been using internal communication channels where we organize training sessions for editors once every week. It helps them connect with each other on a personal level and polish their skills at the same time. The training session is headed by our senior editors where they talk about editing tips and techniques to help other editors identify common mistakes and improve their efficiency and performance.

We believe that with the right amount of communication and self-help tools, we can create awareness and keep up the mental well-being of the employees. Our financial and medical health benefits are designed to cater to the needs and requirements of the employees and to further help them get through the crisis.

Physical fitness:

In order to make sure that all our employees stay physically and mentally fit, we at Cosmic Strands came up with a new fun activity where every employees were given a task to share the distance they walked in a day.

Mental fitness:

The team leaders organize a weekly meeting where they discuss about work progress. It also provides an opportunity to the employees to talk to each other and communicate their ideas and thoughts. We encourage the employees to engage in anti-stress mind-calming exercises to deal with the anxiety and pressure.

Virtual activities:

Our HR department has taken up the responsibility of coming up with fun and engaging activities for the employees. Tasks are assigned to the employees because it encourages them to do something interactive. We encourage the employees to do workouts and practice meditation using online resources.

Staying connected:

Communication is vital because it allows people to exchange their ideas, opinions, and thoughts with others. We encourage the employees to spend some quality time with their fellow teammates and talk about other things instead of just work. We believe that communication is the key to strengthen work relationships and increase productivity.

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