Cosmic Strands’ response to supporting employees during COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted the whole world. Organizations are battling to run their business as usual and keep a track of the mental well-being of their employees. It is the right time to take new initiatives and implement programs aimed at preventing the spread of disease. The human resources department of Cosmic Strands has made it possible to promote safety and minimize the negative impact of the pandemic by implementing a health and safety measures program. Our company’s decision-makers got together and worked out a reliable policy for providing editing and proofreading services to the clients’ despite the COVID-19 outbreak. 

As a business organization, it is the responsibility of the leaders to outline a contingency plan and provide flexibility to the employees. Our team believes that with the modified practices and motivation, we can achieve the impossible. We understand that the pandemic has affected both our professional and personal lives. It is extremely common to feel isolated and distracted. While many people are using this as an opportunity to work on improving themselves and increasing their productivity, some are still struggling to complete their day-to-day tasks. Keeping this in mind, our senior management team has launched online health programs to help employees cope with stress and anxiety. 

As an organization, consider the following for better team communication: 

  • Share information and keep the employees updated about the health conditions in your city
  • Conduct regular meetings to discuss the mental and physical health of the employees
  • Encourage the employees to do something productive and creative beyond work
  • Allow the employees to speak out against negative behavior
  • Provide precautions for healthcare
  • Help employees prevent the onset of COVID-19 by sharing a list of precautions 
  • Share a list of helpline and emergency contact details

Cosmic Strands has come up with virtual fitness and awareness programs to engage the employees and keep them motivated during the lockdown period. Our managers and team leaders stay in constant touch with their respective team members to ensure their safety. Currently, our teams are working on a guidance strategy that consists of virtual engagement programs, fun activities, online training, and much more. We conduct a weekly training session for editors to help them identify gray areas and blind spots, imbibe new learnings, and hone their editing skills. 

We have opened an online channel to communicate with each other and ensure a smooth workflow. Working together virtually has opened a lot of new opportunities and options for the employees to work on increasing their productivity and stay focused. We encourage them to take some time out for themselves and stay positive and healthy. 

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