Hiring new talent during COVID-19 at Cosmic Strands

With the sudden outbreak of the coronavirus, the world is reeling under a pandemic that has impacted our day-to-day lives. Thanks to COVID-19, the operation and management of businesses have undergone a change, adapting to the lockdown scenario. Although many organizations have now opted for working remotely, how they balance their business operations as well as ensure the safety and well-being of their employees is a question worth pondering. COVID-19 is an evolving situation that mandates employers and leaders to make strict decisions and deal with the consequences. 

As our team of editors are now working remotely, we believe that communication is key to support each other. We at Cosmic Strands are constantly working on implementing innovative policies, taking into consideration the best interests of our valuable employees. We are making use of online channels to connect with our employees and keep them updated. Our HR department has designed communication campaigns aimed at notifying the employees from time to time and helping them take preventive measures to combat COVID-19. 

Notwithstanding, Cosmic Strands continues to support the scientific and medical community by offering editing and proofreading services to researchers, authors, scholars, and academicians. We are actively hiring new employees to cater to the requirements of our clients. Our HR executives have come up with a detailed recruitment plan for hiring virtually, making sure prospective candidates are screened and shortlisted as per requirements. Although we have modified the hiring process, our operational objective of making on-time deliveries to clients remains unchanged. We have moved the entire process of taking interviews online through virtual calls. To ensure that interviews go on smoothly, necessary information and weblinks are provided to the candidates well in advance. 

Our strategy is to gain information about prospective candidates throughout the process of virtual recruitment. Our job postings include clear and concise information, setting strict standards that helps us find the eligible candidates. Besides work competency, we prefer hiring candidates with effective communication, self-discipline, and management skills, as a remotely working environment demands such soft skills. Access to candidates and assessment of their performances have not actually been constraints to our company’s virtual hiring process. We have specially developed an orientation program for the newly hired employees to make their induction into the company easier. This program provides an opportunity for the new employees to interact with their respective managers and even get to know them personally. The training program includes tips and techniques on how to adjust to the idea of remote work and manage work expectations initially. As always, we aim to put our best foot forward and serve our clients with topmost priority. Working from home should not prevent new employees from having a traditional experience. We have implemented a new remote working model to keep the new employees engaged and motivated. Establishing connections with the new team members is an integral part of the onboarding process. We have developed a schedule for interaction and direct communication to help the new employees improve their performance and enhance their skills with the best experience.

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