Four productive ways to overcome work-from-home challenges

As the coronavirus continues to spread, many business organizations have decided to work from home. It has posed a serious challenge for those who have never worked from home before. This transition in work environment has impacted the cohesion and connectivity among the employees.

According to a recent study done by IBM Security, over 80% of respondents have rarely worked from home before the pandemic with no new security policies to help guide them.

Work from home has its own set of advantages and disadvantages as it allows the employees to unlock maximum productivity but only with the right amount of guidance and work management skills.

So, what can you do to stay connected with your colleagues and overcome the challenges of working remotely?

Let’s list four common problems often faced by the employees:

  • Communication barrier
  • Technological difficulty
  • Project management
  • Productivity and efficiency
  • Communication barrier

As a responsible team, your team members should know what you are working on so that you can collaborate on the upcoming projects and keep them aligned with the company.

What to do?

  • Regular communication with the team, managers, and project leaders can help you face challenges and come up with feasible solutions
  • Set the agenda and objectives of the meetings to avoid miscommunication of information and deviation from set priorities
  • Establish a channel for communication. Choose online tools and resources to share your ideas, queries, and feedback instantly
  • Create a team environment by using instant messaging platform to improve your productivity
  • Have a weekly brainstorming session with your team to discuss news ways for achieving targets and team goals.
  • Technological difficulty

With everything moving towards online, remote workers may face technological difficulties from time to time. It can hamper their daily productivity causing them to lose interest in their work.

What to do?

  • Communicate directly with your company’s IT department in case you are facing a technical issue
  • Use your phone hotspot for internet connection as backup
  • Access task management software instead of spreadsheets to save your time
  • Use CRM software for communicating with your teammates and client
  • Use easy-to-access online chat platforms to get regular updates from the company
  • Project management

Assigning daily projects and deadlines can be a long and tedious process for you. To deliver quality work and adhere to the company’s guidelines are essential.

What to do?

  • Keep track of your team’s progress using a project management software
  • The team members should be kept in loop so that they are updated with the daily progress of other members
  • Create an outline for each project before you delegate it to a specific team member to minimize the chances of errors
  • Encourage the team members to create a to-do list and monitor their performance
  • Schedule weekly conference calls to hear about the progress and collect feedback from your team
  • Follow a common timeline and set time for the meeting that is convenient for everyone
  • Productivity and efficiency

It can be overwhelming for some employees to maintain a healthy work–life balance while working from home. Although it is a good opportunity for people to live up to their potential and perform well, it is equally challenging and difficult at times.

What to do?

  • Choose a place for working with zero distractions in order to stay focused and motivated
  • List your goals and aims for the week and finish what is urgent
  • Switch off your mobile phone or keep it in another room while you are working
  • Create a clear and concise to-do list for the next day to keep yourself in check
  • Maintain a productivity sheet to review the tasks completed by you and tasks that are pending
  • Stay in touch with your team members and update them on the progress
  • Set a daily target for yourself. For example, if you are working on a research paper, decide on how many pages you need to write today.

Following these measures will not only help you achieve a balance but will also improve your performance.

At Author Assists, we are working on a guidance strategy that consists of virtual engagement programs, activities, online training, and much more to keep our employees engaged and motivated.

Find these tips useful?

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