How Author Assists collaborated with the employees during work from home?

Companies around the world have adopted the work-from-home policy to ensure the health and safety of their employees due to COVID-19. Organizations are struggling to work through this unprecedented change and move their business online. The management and team leaders at Author Assists worked together to maintain coordination, build trust, and help the employees stay connected.

We understand working from home allows the employees to follow a flexible schedule and work from any location without having to commute daily. But it can be problematic to manage work and personal lives at the same time.

With the lack of face-to-face communication among the team members, our goal was to find a way to use which we could communicate with the respective teams and execute the day-to-day tasks.

Here is how Author Assists collaborated with the employees to foster teamwork culture in the organization:

  1. Engaging with the teams
  2. Boosting confidence
  3. Internal communication
  4. Team engagement
  5. Focusing on team goals

1. Engaging with the teams

Engaging with the team does not necessarily mean having regular meetings. Keeping your team members motivated can be challenging when it comes to dealing with personal issues.  People tend to feel isolated and lonely while working remotely and it can have a negative impact on their work.

What we are doing?
  1. We invite the teams for online meetings to discuss, share, and talk about something besides work.
  2. Keeping the conversation light-hearted, we allow each member to share their views, thoughts, and ideas as well.
  3. The leaders appreciate the efforts and hard work of their team members from time to time
  4. We speak about having a balance between the work and personal lives of the employees

2. Boosting confidence

Employees can often feel neglected and demotivated while working from home due to restrictions. Confidence, appreciation, and morale are three integral aspects of working in a positive environment.

What we are doing?
  1. Managers schedules a weekly call with each team member for reassurance
  2. Employees are given the opportunity to express themselves
  3. We publish newsletters to recognize the hard work of the employees
  4. Author Assists is offering incentives to the employees for achieving the monthly target and goals

3. Internal communication

The team members often rely on each other to do their part and execute a task successfully. Managers and team leaders need to ensure that they are responding to their team’s queries and issues on time.

What we are doing?
  1. Shares the standard guidelines and e-mail etiquette
  2. Create a weekly timeline for checking important mails
  3. Make a list of major issues and tasks to be addressed
  4. Explains the problems and concerns in detail

4. Team engagement

Team leaders and management should find effective ways to engage with the employees and help them verbalize their opinions when needed.

What we are doing?
  1. Plan a weekly video or conference call with the employees
  2. Allow the employees to express their feelings and share their opinions with the management
  3. Ask employees to give their feedback and discuss any work-related issue that could affect their productivity
  4. Keep the employees updated about the current COVID-19 situation
  5. Organize fun activities and encourage the employees to participate

5. Focusing on team goals

How to maintain productivity usually tops the list of priorities while working from home. The goals and objectives of a company can only be accomplished if all the employees work efficiently.

What we are doing?
  1. Focus on delivering effective solutions to the clients
  2. Establish the priorities and key concerns
  3. Tell employees which task needs to be completed first
  4. Allocate the tasks at the beginning of the week
  5. Establish the performance indicators
  6. Encourage employees to follow a proper work schedule

Conclusion: We believe that communication is the key to deliver effective editing solutions to clients. Our team leaders and managers are working arduously to foster a positive work culture.


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