Four ways of overcoming common academic writing challenges

Convey the most important aspects of your research paper by overcoming academic writing challenges.
Advanced academic strategies to write a research paper

Academic writing requires the author to understand the correct use of language in order to equip them write research papers and articles. Every author or researcher must have the ability to clearly communicate to the target audience what they intend to convey.

One thing common in academic documents is that the content has logic, coherence, and is written straight to the point. Scholars and students face a number of academic writing challenges when it comes to producing essays, case studies, research reports, and articles. ESL (English as a Second Language) authors need to refine their academic writing skills and understand the developmental writing process as well.

This article talks about strategies to help scholars and authors in addressing the challenges posed in academic writing and develop an insight into the writing process.

Here is a list of four common challenges in academic writing:

  1. Plagiarism
  2. Manuscript language editing
  3. Syntactic problems
  4.  Structuring the content

We are going to describe each challenge in detail to help you assess your skills and tackle the academic writing challenges.

1. Plagiarism

Some authors may need to put a lot of effort to convey their ideas and thoughts while writing. There is a great deal that goes into the writing process such as incorporating citations, quotations, representing data, and summing up the information by listing the key aspects of the research.

The research needs to be novel as well as unique in terms of content. You should do plagiarism check before you submit your paper for review or else your paper could be rejected.

Tips for avoiding plagiarism:

  • Name the sources you have consulted or used for reference
  • Always paraphrase the text to add your ideas while quoting from a source
  • Include name of the author in the in-text citation
  •  Use verified online tools for plagiarism check

2. Manuscript language editing

Manuscript editing is one of the fundamental aspects of the publishing cycle. As a researcher, it is your responsibility to submit a well-edited paper to editors. Your target audience must be able to comprehend what you have written. If your first language is not English, you can consider using English language editing services.

   Tips for manuscript editing:

  • Use a spell checker and review your paper for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors
  • Review each section separately and ensure that the intended meaning is conveyed
  • Maintain consistency by following the formatting guidelines
  • Avail professional editing services

3. Syntactic problems

While writing, it is necessary that the author establishes a link between the words and phrases. A research paper is a result of strong argumentative statements put together using which the author develops coherence within the paragraphs. Sentence structure plays a crucial role in helping the readers understand the research context.

   Tips for resolving syntactic problems:

  • Keep the sentences short and clear to maintain consistency
  • Use appropriate punctuation marks to break the sentences and avoid run-on sentences
  • The sentences should observe subject–verb–object agreement
  • Remove redundant/extra words that do not contribute to the original meaning of the content

4. Structuring the content 

One of the most difficult academic writing challenges faced by authors is to structure their paper. Every academic document that you write has a structure. Whether it is an article or a research paper, it starts with an introduction, has a body that includes various components such as methodology, literature review, and so on, and it ends with a conclusion.

Tips for structuring the content:

  • Create an outline and use headings and sub-headings to differentiate each section
  • Present the context of the topic by linking the content with supporting arguments
  • Availing manuscript language editing service helps to present ideas in a structured manner
  • There should be a logical flow of ideas which can be maintained using parallelism

Nowadays it has become common for students to go for academic writing and editing services. Lack of time, work overload, and keeping up with the strict deadlines are three main reasons for students opting for such services.

Author Assists understand the concerns and challenges faced by ESL authors. We are offering customized scholarly editing and proofreading services that allow the client to choose the level of editing they want and get the edited paper delivered to them on time.

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