Role of employee engagement in enhancing productivity during work from home

Discover new ways to create work management polices for remote working
Know all about employee engagement while working remotely

It is quite evident that the global pandemic COVID-19 has led to a paradigm shift in the way organizations and businesses function now. Many companies are still dealing with the unanticipated modifications in work policies to survive as well as continue to offer their services to clients.

In addition, employers are required to come up with flexible work arrangements to ensure the health and safety of the employees. Implementing new HR policies, providing IT and equipment support, and guiding the employees are the three most important aspects of working remotely.

Business organizations need to adopt and implement policies that cater to the current needs and requirements of the employees. Effective team management is the need of the hour. The company’s goals need to be aligned with the goals of the employees and teams.

The main question is how to keep the employees motivated and meet the company’s goals?

  • 1. Engaging employees
  • 2. Modifying performance review
  • 3. Looking for solutions
  • 4. Adopting a proactive approach

1. Engaging employees

Appreciation and giving positive feedback from time to time can help companies motivate as well as connect with the employees. Employees can often feel neglected and isolated while working remotely. Proper feedback and self-assessment should be given top-most priority to keep the employees stay focused.

What companies can do?

  • 1. When it comes to work strategy, companies should involve employees into decision-making and take their opinions
  • 2. Team leaders should support employees in their professional development
  • 3. The HR department should think of new ways of fostering a healthy team-work culture

2. Modifying performance review

There is a dire need of modifying the traditional process of assessing the performance of the employees. Instead of setting work goals for a year in advance, organizations would likely benefit by making weekly or monthly plans.

What companies can do?

  • 1. Ask for daily reports and reviews from the employees
  • 2. Address the problems and challenges faced by the employees while working remotely
  • 3. Discuss the role of each team member in contributing toward the completion of a project

3. Looking for solutions

It is the role and responsibility of the management to assess the past situations and look for a feasible solution on a long-term basis. Employees should be encouraged to work out a reasonable action plan aimed at resolving issues.

What companies can do?

  • 1. Take regular feedback from the teams on working remotely
  • 2. Constantly reassuring the employees and engage with them
  • 3. Address the objectives and goals of the company with respect to the tasks performed by the employees

4. Adopting a proactive approach

Adopt a proactive approach by following a continuous process for work evaluation. The managers should construct the feedback around learning to provide new opportunities to the employees.

What companies can do?

  • 1. Engage in meaningful discussion with the teammates instead of sending several e-mails and discussing only work-related matters
  • 2. Choose the right communication medium to connect with the team instantly
  • 3. Communicate the purpose of each project and task assigned to the employees

The team of Author Assists believes that employee engagement is key to team cohesion. The HR department at Author Assists has been actively working on devising new plans to engage the employees and help them re-connect with each other.

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