An introduction to LinkedIn for academic engagement and research promotion

Learn about academic engagement for promoting your research

LinkedIn is one of the world’s largest online platform used for professional networking with over 575 million members, as of 2018. This networking platform is used for communicating with business associates, clients, co-workers, and potential customers (including casual browsers). In addition, LinkedIn gives a professional persona to the users, which can serve to promote their research and academic work.

Building a research network and engaging with your target audience is essential when it comes to promoting your research work. As most universities and research organizations are working remotely due to COVID-19, it is worth investing time productively by updating your LinkedIn profile.

Whether you are a researcher, professor, or an author, here are five ways you can utilize LinkedIn for academic engagement and promoting your research.

  • 1. Update your profile
  • 2. Build connections
  • 3. Use a personalized approach
  • 4. Ask for recommendations
  • 5. Use search engine optimization

1. Update your profile

Update your profile by adding relevant skills and a short bio. Write about your professional achievements and work experiences. You can elaborate further on your industry knowledge, career interests, and much more.

Tips for updating your LinkedIn profile:
  • 1. Upload your professional picture with a background image that depicts your profession
  • 2. Write a summary describing your academic experiences along with links to your work

2. Build connections

 Send invites to your colleagues and familiar contacts in the industry, as well as build your network by adding mutual contacts. You can also send a personalized message introducing yourself with the invite.

Tips for building new connections on LinkedIn:
  • 1. Join academic groups and start a discussion about your research topic and subject area
  • 2. Study the current industry topics and share your updates

For instance, you can talk about the social and financial impact of COVID-19. You can discuss about the recent policies adopted by the research publishing industry.

3. Personalized approach

 Espouse a more personalized approach to connect with your peers. Write an engaging caption while creating a post, compelling readers to view your post.

Tips for using a personalized approach on LinkedIn:
  • 1. Comment on posts and share your views with the audience
  • 2. Use trending keywords to increase online visibility of your profile

4. Ask for recommendations

Be it any kind of research done in the past or a research paper that you have co-authored, add the names of your articles in numerical order. This will enable your connections to see your academic achievements.

Tips for adding credibility to your LinkedIn profile:

  • 1. Ask your colleagues and peers for a testimonial focusing on your skills and abilities
  • 2. Highlight the attributes and academic achievements

5. Use search engine optimization

Add links, images, and videos on every possible occasion in order to gain more views and downloads. Make sure that the title of the link does not exceed 70 characters. Write blogs related to your research topic, and do a keyword research to include the fitting keywords in the title, introduction, and body of the articles.

Tips for adding credibility to your LinkedIn profile:
  • 1. Create a posting schedule
  • 2. Share the publication links on the different social media sites you are using such as Twitter, Research Gate, and Facebook

Important points to remember:

  • 1. Monitor results by evaluating the statistics every week to develop a promotion strategy.
  • 2. Search the trending topics, study about the publishing industry, and share your ideas and opinions in comments and blog posts.
  • 3. Insert the keywords in the title and content of your posts.
  • 4. Use hashtags with every post to get more readership.

 Why should authors promote their research work online?

Tips and techniques to promote your research worldwide

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