How Author Assists is streamlining the research editing process during COVID-19?

Author Assists provides advanced editorial solutions to help researchers submit their papers in top international journals for publishing.

The impact of COVID-19 on the education and research sector is evident. Universities are extending deadlines for assignment submission, funding agencies are modifying their grant submission process, and journal publishers are adopting a flexible work approach to review research paper submissions.

The scientific community is taking initiatives to speed up the research publishing process because the initial phase of research requires investment of time and other academic resources.

What Author Assists is doing to continue to support the scientific community?

Author Assists is working towards a common goal to provide a multi-tiered response to overcome the challenges by bringing in long-term plans to the fore. There is one key factor that can help researchers disseminate quality research: quality copy-editing services.

 What are we doing?
  •  1.Catering to our client needs
  • 2. Providing tailored editorial solutions
  • 3. Setting new goals and objectives
  • 4. Adopting work from home strategy

1. Catering to our client needs

We understand the pain point of our clients and our aim is to provide editing services consistently, like we always have. Our management team has successfully implemented new strategies to help the editing teams overcome the challenges of working remotely.

How Author Assists is handling clients during work from home?
  • 1. We are creating awareness about our customized editing solutions to continue showing our support to the clients
  • 2. We are sending a monthly newsletter to help clients learn about our new services and other offers
  • 3. We are running online campaigns to reach out to our potential clients
  • 4. We are taking feedback from our clients and employees to address the underlying issues

2. Providing tailored editorial solutions

Assisting clients during COVID-19 can be quite challenging as they have quite a load of doubts and queries. Our team of academic editors are working round the clock to deliver projects and cater to the publishing needs of our clients.

What Author Assists is doing to provide tailored solutions?
  • 1. We are offering customized TAT (turnaround time) to help save the time and efforts of our clients
  • 2. Clients can directly contact our live chat agents, in case they have a query related to services and other matters
  • 3. Our expert editors have designed a customized set of editing and proofreading solutions to address the current COVID-19 publishing needs of researchers

3. Setting new goals and objectives

Our company has set new goals and objectives considering the new work-from-home policies. We are providing full IT and equipment support to help employees complete the projects and engage with the team members.

How Author Assists is managing remote work?
  • 1. We are defining new variables to evaluate the employee performance
  • 2. The clients can select the turnaround time based on their level of urgency
  • 3. We are using state-of-the-art technology and tools to engage and manage the paperwork
  1. Adopting work-from-home strategy

As our employees are working from home, we have devised a new set of guidelines and reforms to manage work. We have set up a common platform for communication to help employees coordinate without disruption.

How Author Assists is supporting the employees?
  • 1. We have changed our work strategy to keep our employees motivated and engaged
  • 2. We organize weekly online training sessions for the editors
  • 3. We are launching digital e-learning courses to promote excellence

Author Assists understands the dire need to address the challenges of COVID-19 faced by the research industry. We provide the latest academic resources to assist our clients. We fast-track the editing process to accommodate the increasing submissions and we actively use social media channels to keep our audience up to date.

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