Tips for networking with colleagues while working remotely during COVID-19 pandemic

Telecommuting has become the new working style for companies and organizations. It suits those who dislike long commutes, at the same time leaving others struggling to strike a balance between their professional and personal lives and keep up their productivity levels.

There are numerous concerns linked with working remotely such as grappling with isolation and loneliness, as well as feeling motivated to complete the day-to-day tasks and support the companies in achieving their targets.

As employees are learning to focus on a home environment amid the global pandemic COVID-19, organizations must  make sure employees understand how to get the work done while maintaining their mental well-being.

These 4 useful tips will help you coordinate with your team members while working remotely.

  • 1. Bridge the virtual gap
  • 2. Start an online activity
  • 3. Encourage employee engagement
  • 4. Outline the work management system

1. Bridge the virtual gap

It would be a good idea to connect with your teammates and discuss similar interests and hobbies apart from work. You can meet your colleagues online once a week and share your ideas and thoughts on matters that interest everyone to enhance a sense of belonging.

Tips to bridge the virtual gap while working from home:
  • Start an online chat group and invite your colleagues
  • Brainstorm for a list of ideas and topics beforehand
  • Encourage other employees to take an active part in the discussion and share their ideas
  • Employees can post photographs and videos in the live session

2. Start an online activity

All team members should be engaged to take care of their physical and mental health. Use online forums to discuss and encourage employees to share their personal lockdown experiences.

Tips for starting online activity while working from home:
  • 1. Organize engaging online activities for the employees
  • 2. Share workout routines and encourage others to join fitness programs online
  • 3. Share health tips to help employees start their fitness journeys

3. Encourage employee engagement

Working in isolation for an increased period of time can often be stressful and discouraging for the employees. Employee engagement is the need of the hour, it is an opportunity for the employers to show their dedication towards keeping the employees satisfied.

Tips for encouraging employee engagement:
  •  1.Managers should have a one-on-one discussion with the team members once a week
  • 2. Teammates should be encouraged to upgrade their skills
  • 3. Virtual training sessions will encourage their efforts and dedication

4. Outline the work management system

The management should create a work management system catering to the needs and requirements of the company and employees. Job satisfaction and a positive attitude are two of the most important aspects of better productivity levels.

Tips for outlining the work management system:
  • 1. Define the working hours clearly to ensure everyone is available
  • 2. Create a weekly planner, set targets, and assign work to the team members in advance
  • 3. Track the progress of the employees and take their feedback continuously
  •  4.Set the deliverables to assess the performance of the employees

Additional tips for creating a healthy work environment:

  • 1. Appreciate the employees for their valuable contribution from time to time
  • 2. Offer incentives and rewards to employees achieving targets
  • 3. Address the challenges of remote work and think of long-term solutions
  • 4. Organize fun and engaging virtual activities to reduce negative attitude among the employees
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