Five ways to create a culture of teamwork and boost engagement in remote teams

Build a healthy teamwork culture while working remotely

Working from home has its own set of advantages as well as disadvantages not only for the employees but also the organization. Those who are new to this work-from-home concept can face several challenges that could indirectly hamper their productivity levels.

Teamwork needs to be catalyzed from time to time, especially in a work-from-home scenario, as it is important for the employees as well as the business process. Every employee needs to be appreciated for their contribution and imparted a sense of achievement.

Organizations now need to focus on boosting engagement more than ever. They must provide a supportive environment for the employees and encourage them to create a culture of teamwork and unity.

Here is an overview of 5 ways to create a culture of teamwork in remote teams.

  • 1. Tracking and scheduling
  • 2. Virtual meetings
  • 3. Internal communication
  • 4. Leader’s input
  • 5. Setting goals

1. Tracking and scheduling

Instruct employees to inform respective managers while clocking in and clocking out. Analyze the time invested in each project to evaluate the performance of individual employees.

Tips for tracking and scheduling:
  • 1. Set the variables for performance evaluation and make the employees understand what makes it unique and different from the previous method
  • 2. Encourage the teams to engage in meaningful discussions and create a vibrant workplace culture.

2. Virtual meetings

Choose an easy-to-access virtual platform for your entire organization. Send meeting invites in advance and host a test call to check for any technical difficulties that may arise.

Tips for hosting virtual meetings:
  • 1. Share the link to the virtual conference along with instructions on how to join the meeting
  • 2. Inform the team about the agenda, goals, and objectives of the meeting
  • 3. Ensure that all the employees are comfortable and make them feel connected

3. Internal communication

Identify a communication platform that is user-friendly to all employees.  Ensure that every employee is aware of how to access the virtual platform and fulfill the team’s goals.

Tips for boosting internal communication:
  • 1. Include a problem-solving session to listen to the viewpoints of the entire team in response to potential challenges and difficulties faced by the organization.
  • 2. Each employee must understand their role and responsibilities to contribute to the company’s growth. Emphasizing on consistent communication can help the teams to engage.

4. Leader’s input

Managers and team leaders should help out employees identify the key objectives of their work. They should encourage employees to align their goals with the company by creating an actionable plan.

Tips for employee management:
  • 1. Divide up the work among the team members according to their role, expertise, and interests.
  • 2. Share a common outline with the team members to ensure every member is headed in the right direction. Ask for their suggestions and alternatives to create a collaborative teamwork culture

5. Setting goals

Teams should set specific goals that are measurable as well as attainable. It will be of assistance to the managers to assess the performance of the employees and support them emotionally and mentally.

Tips for assessing performances:
  • 1. Create a new review process to assess the quality of work done by the employees. A detailed alignment is necessary to incorporate other requirements as well
  • 2. Teams need to share a common goal and objective so that each teammate knows how to contribute to it.

At Author Assists, we believe that a healthy team culture not only helps an individual but also ensures a seamless workflow of the organization as a whole.

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