What Author Assists is doing to bridge social distancing during Covid-19?

Tips to help you offer a supportive work-from-home environment to your employees.

Industries have witnessed a fundamental shift with the arrival of new technologies and modifications in the workplace cultures caused by the global coronavirus pandemic. Organizations are working constantly to help the employees navigate through the difficult times as well as keep track of their services.

According to a survey done by the financial services company Jefferies, over 61% of 1,500 UK respondents would like to return to work if they could. It is quite common for employees to feel isolated and demotivated while working remotely, so organizations should focus on effective communication and redefine community building.

At Author Assists, we understand that it could be highly challenging for the employees to adapt to the idea of remote working. We are actively monitoring the health and mental well-being of our employees to ensure they are engaged and motivated in their new work setting.

Here are the highlights of Author Assists’ remote working policy:

  • 1. Community building
  • 2. Assessing situations
  • 3. Goal settings
  • 4. Focusing on learning

1. Community building

A sudden shift from office environment to working remotely can be somewhat unsettling for the employees. Feeling demotivated and isolated can negatively impact productivity and efficiency levels. Author Assists is working on redefining community building goals ever since work from home came into force, in order to keep the employees connected and engaged.

How we are doing it?
  • 1. We make sure that employees get full support by providing them the best of tools for video conferencing, editing, managing the paperwork, and sharing professional updates
  • 2. We have frequent conversations with the teams to stay in touch with their progress and track the status of the projects
  • 3. We conduct virtual team activities like games and quizzes to facilitate employees relieve stress and focus on their health and fitness

2. Assessing situations

Technology is one of the key elements required to support employees in delivering the best while working remotely. It is important to provide instant access to requisite areas on time so that the employees can retrieve important documents and data.

How we are doing it?
  • 1. We are providing the best tools and software support to the employees to manage workload efficiently
  • 2. Our IT team is offering its full support by assisting the employees all through the day
  • 3. We have set deliverables that enable us to track the outcomes

3. Goal settings

Working remotely during the COVID-19 outbreak can be distressing, which makes it essential for employees to set clear confines between personal and professional lives.

How we are doing it?
  • 1. Our management team has outlined a new set of goals and objectives considering the new work setting.
  • 2. We have set specific metrics to evaluate the performance of individual employees and their contribution to their respective teams
  • 3. We conduct regular virtual meetings to receive updates and feedback from the team members

4. Focusing on learning

Working remotely is the most appropriate opportunity to invest your time and make the best use of it. Nowadays most of the employees look at upgrading their skills and getting trained to prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges and hurdles in their professional lives.

How we are doing it?
  • 1. We are offering virtual learning programs and training sessions to our editors to encourage them hone their skills
  • 2. We are working on developing an AI editing tool that could assist editors in editing complex academic documents
  • 3. We are offering useful academic resources and editing tools to help editors speed up the editing process
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