Talent management: Role of HR strategies in employee engagement during work from home

As most of the companies are now working from home, there is an urgent need for HR professionals to adopt flexible talent management strategies. With the current working scenario, employee retainment is important than ever.

Talent management is a process of developing strategies to acquire the right talent and help them grow while keeping the aims and objectives of the company in mind. The role of HR professionals includes identifying the talent gap, shortlisting the suitable candidates, onboarding them, and training them to help the company achieve future goals.

So, what is the need for talent management?

With the outbreak of COVID-19, it is uncertain to tell how long organizations need to follow the remote working policy. There is a definitive need to bridge the communication gap between the management and employees.

Here is how talent management is beneficial for the organizations:

  • 1. Onboarding suitable candidates
  • 2. Building company culture
  • 3. Employee engagement
  • 4. Monitoring performance

1. Onboarding suitable candidates

Using a holistic approach will help companies acquire and manage new talents. The candidates must possess great communication skills in light of the current remote work scenario. HR professionals must provide a platform for the new employees to interact with their team members and learn about their roles and responsibilities.

Tips for onboarding new employees during work from home:
  • 1. A virtual tour of the company and meeting with the staff and teammates
  • 2. An introduction to the company policies, guidelines, technology, and process of working
  • 3. An overview of the company goals and objectives
  •  4.Informing about the company culture and remote work process

2. Building company culture

As work from home is a new way of working style, the management must work toward building a healthy work environment for the employees. Effective communication is the key to encourage and motivate the employees from time to time.

Tips to build a healthy company culture during work from home:
  • 1. Arrange regular meetings for the employees and allow them to share their views and ideas
  • 2. Managers should do a one-one-one discussion with each team member to track their progress and ensure their well-being
  • 3. Take regular feedback from the employees to improve work-from-home policies

3. Employee engagement

The management should ensure employee engagement.  Unengaged employees can be difficult to deal with, and therefore companies should use this as an opportunity to make an impact and create a positive work environment.

Tips for engaging with the employees during work from home:
  • Take employee feedback and follow-up on time
  • Create targeted work strategies by adopting a flexible approach
  • Focus on clear communication to be more proactive and transparent

4. Monitoring performance

It is important to help the employees polish their skills and facilitate their growth from time to time. Providing a clear and concise picture to the employees will help the company align their goals with the goals and agenda of the company.

Tips for monitoring the performance of the employees during work from home:
  • 1. Create a tailored performance improvement plan for the employees
  • 2. Provide a detailed description of the expectations and comparison variables for their performance
  • 3. Work on a follow-up plan that includes a timeline and other performance measuring metrics
  • 4. Plan and schedule meetings to track the employee’s progress

There is a need for companies to focus on clear and appropriate communication while dealing with employees. These tips and strategies will help you design a talent management plan and increase engagement among the employees.

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