Top 5 dictates to keep in mind as a researcher

Top 5 tips to keep in mind as a researcher
Top 5 useful tips for researchers

Top 5 dictates to keep in mind as a researcher

Research can be a daunting process, and navigating through the library database and various sources for answers can be at time discouraging in the absence of a strategy in mind.

Finding credible information needed to conduct research may not be available on Wikipedia sites, and data of high value focused on specific areas may not come free and easy.

The greatest challenge faced by researchers during research is the difficulty in access to information and data pertinent to their topic of interest, thus necessitating focusing and exploring through a large section of knowledge database related to the subject of interest.

Here are the top 5 dictates to remember as a researcher

1. Keywords and phrases

The library contains an immense store of answers and information that can be a prolific knowledge ground to feed on for the researcher. However, browsing through the library can be frustrating and time-consuming. And on many occasions, your day can end with luck not on your side. For this reason, it is crucial to narrow down your search to specific keywords and phrases from your topic of interest. Learn to identify the keywords that define the subject and area of research. Stick to the keywords while checking over the library’s database and pick your source correctly. For further assistance, take the help of the librarian who is usually well-informed about the sources available in the library.

2. Advanced search box

Making use of this option that is available in online library databases, you can instantly have access to all the related information, articles, research work, subjects, and topics available within the library’s database. Just a simple search by typing the term or keyword in the search box activates this option. For this to work effectively, you need to apply the same technique as notified above; use specific keywords and phrases.

3. List the references

One of the most important things to keep in mind as a researcher is to explore the reference list/bibliography section of the articles, and books you read during the process of research. These sections contain all the sources of information referred to by the author while documenting the research, which can give you access to more sources of information related to your study. One reference will lead to another source, and this exercise will eventually result in a collection of sources and references that might come in handy during your research.

4. Check the date of information

Knowledge keeps evolving through time, and you might end up with outdated sources of information that are lying in the library for years. It is crucial to make sure the source of reference is updated. The sources can contain hard data, but the status of the information might be outdated. As research becomes more advanced, results from the previous study usually turn obsolete and updated with the latest findings. Not having a good check on the latest information can seriously affect your credibility as a researcher. Therefore, checking on the latest update on the subject or area of research is essential.

5. Research tools

Research is a time-extensive process, and you will require research tools to organize and manage your research to avoid a mess. Use of third-party tools to check plagiarism, references, data quality, reliability, and facts is imperative to publish a successful research paper. Learning to use proper research tools in procuring reliable and valid data is all-important to establish your research has value. The value and significance of your study are what brings in credibility as a researcher. Make a list of tools you require such as plagiarism checker, Endnote, Todoist, RefWorks, etc.

The aforementioned will help in assisting researchers and make the process less daunting, making the completion of the research process uncomplicated.

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