How Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the publishing industry

Artificial Intelligence transforming the publishing Industry
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How Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize the publishing industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a trending topic in present times. The efficiency and accuracy level offer by AI can reduce employees’ workload and enable publishing companies to integrate intelligent optimization to strengthen the functioning of their businesses.

Reputed academic publishers like the Nature Publishing Group, Kluwer Academic Publishers, and Axel Springer, have successfully integrated AI into their business models and working infrastructures. Testimonies from these publishing companies are significantly positive, as AI implementation has enhanced traffic and delivery as well as magnified employee’s abilities.

The misconception about AI replacing human action

There have been some misconceptions going around regarding the implementation of AI causing employees to lose their jobs.

However, this popular is not a fact, as the main reason for AI implementation is for assistance and efficient management in areas that do not require human intelligence or interference. The companies implementing AI have not laid off any of their employees. One reason for that is, AI cannot replace human creativity. And of course, that was never the intention of the science behind AI.

For example, Heliograf is an AI tool implemented in some of the most reputed publishing houses in the US. The purpose of Heliograf is to auto-create short articles for social media platforms and advertisements, enabling journalists, content creators, and writers to focus and work on more important topics.

The AI tool itself is capable of creating about 850 supplementary posts for the company and can generate an average of 500,000 clicks.

Publishing companies are integrating the use of AI in their marketing and distribution departments for support and efficient production. By automating processes concerning translation to customer interaction and recommendation services.

Minimal investment

There are various misconceptions about the integration of AI being a costly affair and that it requires a considerable amount of investment with no guaranteed returns, plus takes away jobs.

The answer is it would be costly to invest in AI that is designed and integrated to become pre-dominant in the functions of a company, which no company has done it to date. According to a survey involving more than 15 publishing companies and their CEO’-s, it has been proven that minimal investment of AI is enough to bring extensive returns.

AI improves the potential for vast communication channels.

We know that a lot of resources and human interference are required to moderate the comment section, which becomes a daunting and time-consuming process and barely gets the job done. And comment moderation is what enables companies to scale their reach on customers and audiences as well understand what viewers are looking for. Implementing AI in these areas has helped companies to open up their communication channels and collect valuable data on what customers want. In terms of business, this means communicating with the world and attracting new subscribers.

The use of AI extends to customized-automated pricing, dynamic advertisements, customer service, and chatbots.

Major spurt in sales

AI-based customer service enables interaction with thousands of customers simultaneously. Publishers are using chatbots as service assistants for customers, providing tailored updates on the latest research and news about the publishing industry.

Surveys carried out on authors and clients have found out that chatbots can also be programmed with answers to frequently asked questions and tailored to offer product recommendations to customers based on their responses.

AI has been having a significant impact on the performance of publishing companies, and the success of implementing AI will encourage extensive use of AI in various other fields and departments, generating immense workflow and income in the near future.

Author Assists has developed AI tools designed for the company’s operations and services, which has been a successful step for the company in engendering the ability to achieve a customer-centric business system.

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