How the publishing industry has contributed in providing research data amidst COVID-19

How the publishing industry has contributed in providing research data amidst COVID-19
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How the publishing industry has contributed in providing research data amidst COVID-19

The publishing industry has played a vital role in data sharing amidst COVID-19. With the pandemic curtailing movement and suspending large areas of human activities, there has been more airtime for research-related publications shared across publishing platforms. Today, media consumption has been at its all-time high with media outlets and houses focusing more on material related COVID-19. There has been a high demand for COVID-19-related data from researchers by way of rapid publication.

As a consequence the publishing industry has delivered, with a large amount of data published across the globe in these few months. This denotes a favorable manifestation for the publishing industry, as the world has more time to read now.

Contributions of the publishing industry amidst COVID-19

1. Free and rapid access to research data and information

World over, people have taken advantage of accessing free data and information related to research and development. The publishing industry has had an immense contribution to spreading awareness and knowledge needed at this hour. Every step of progress in the scientific field is being covered and documented for public consumption.

Information are being published related to experiments, research concerning the COVID-19 vaccine, its origin, the contribution of medical science, health organizations, governments, and the global impact of COVID-19 on the economy, business, social life, and education are some of the most published research topics made available by journals publishers.

2. Creating free opportunity for scholars and researchers

With the digital market burgeoning in recent months, and an expected growth of 64.83 billion dollars, many journals publishers and academic publishing houses have been providing open platforms for researchers to publish their works through their communication channels digitally.

The publishing companies have also helped in creating networks for scholars to work collaboratively with other scholars and experts from various parts of the world.

But why? Because with the coming of the pandemic, there has been a massive shift in what people read. People are more curious and concerned about the updates concerning what has impacted their lives mostly.

3. Publication services – the backbone of the publishing industry

The publishing industry depends on publication service providers. The absence of service providers can spell disaster, because there is no way publishing platforms can manage to provide information and deliver reviewed trustworthy facts and data. More articles and research topics are airing rapidly. So, there is a high demand for speedy information review and language editing services to make materials suitable for publishing to meet public demand.

Publication service providers are working hard to fast-track the publication process and provide standard materials for publication. Publication services have also functioned as a communication channel between scholars and publishing platforms to make publishing an uncomplicated process.

4. Articles as the format for data sharing

With the demand in COVID-19 related materials rising, it is not possible to produce lengthy material related to research in the form of monographs and books due to the time factor being limited and rapid updates airing now and then. Publishing companies have streamlined the format of resource sharing to a predominantly article mode of presenting data and knowledge during these times. The other reason for article publication is that articles are short and to the point and helps in having more value for less time. Articles attract more visitors and easy to update as and when required.

Articles have played an ideal role in guiding budding researchers and scholars in their research by providing steps and guidelines on how to document academic and scientific research and findings.

Short dictates have also helped researchers to edit and proofread their articles at their desks and enable them to polish their paper for publishing. Including guides to choose the right research topics and also journal selection are all resources that have contributed to the bigger picture on how the publishing industry has had a pivotal role to play in the midst of COVID-19.

The above write-up will help in understanding the main contributions of the publishing industry amidst COVID-19.

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