ALE’s advanced functions and compatibility

Academic Language Editing advanced functions and compatibility

ALE’s advanced functions and compatibility

Currently, ALE is developed to focus on providing academic editing and content solutions for scholars, writers, and academic professionals. Users can upload their written document after which ALE will run the document through a series of quality assessment processes and provide an instant quote with advanced service options to choose from, based on the range and quality of the uploaded document.

Users can modify and customize the service options they would like to opt for, which will automatically generate the pricing details based on the selected services.

Transfer functionality

Cosmic Strands has developed an in-house cloud repository system for authors and clients to send drafts or manuscripts to Cosmic Strands network using SFTP/FTP. AWS SFTP/FTP end-to-end encrypted file transfer functionality for confidential file transfer.

Support system and compatibility

ALE’s similarity detecting system allows users to upload different formats of documents including .doc, docx, .txt, .tex .rtf, .odt, and .pdf. This means, as long as the document is available digitally, our tool will process any type and format of document.

ALE is capable of implementing complex and high-level edits automatically with minimal intervention that previously required an editor.

Primary functions of ALE

ALE applies necessary business rules for edits. It uses micro-detecting language system for the following functionalities:

1. Grammar and language quality

2. Academic style and standards

3. Normalization

4. Spell check and dictionary (regularly updated with new entries)

5. Plagiarism

6. Technical aspects

7. Redundancy

8. Intricate text

9. Word count

Expert and intensive functions include

1. Clarity of writing

2. Coherence and organization

3. Format/structure of writing

4. Adherence to guidelines

5. Conformation to genre and discipline

6. Concise language usage

7. Sentence structure and restructure

8. Economy/efficiency of words

9. A check of technical and determining elements and whether they are systematically and masterfully incorporated into the writing

10. Analytical flow

Advanced functions

1. Plagiarism check

2. Eliminates the possibilities of false positives

3. Advance tracking system

4. Extensive online database for content assessment

5. Translation function

ALE is developed with the capability of implementing complex edits involving copyediting, line editing, mechanical editing, substantive editing, and developmental editing, which are indispensable components in the editing process.

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