Why choose ALE (Academic Language Editing) over other editing tools? Our Vision

Why choose ALE (Academic Language Editing) over other editing tools? Our Vision

Why choose ALE (Academic Language Editing) over other editing tools? Our Vision

With ALE we are mainly focusing on the larger scale of challenges faced by writers and researchers in the academic field whose native language is other than English. The tool comes in handy for those who find it hard to put their thoughts, ideas, and research into writing. Effectively communicating to the world in a way that is impactful and informative, especially for educational purposes, becomes easier with optimum application of the ALE tool.

Regardless of an individual’s level of skill in writing, or even in terms of a published book, reputed surveys show that editors always come across errors related to language. It is an established fact that in the academic research setting, career funding heavily depends on the quality of the research paper published. And not all researchers are naturally skilled writers due to lack of formal training in writing. Such are common challenges faced by researchers that hinder the fast-track dissemination of data universally.

ALE tool is specially designed to address just that, by turning written text into a 100% error-free document conforming to variable disciplines without human intervention, which is a technology still not achieved by any editing tool thus far. Our innovation does not stop there, but also goes a step further to enhance the written text in a manner that is crisp, concise, accurate, and most effective to readers based on the targeted discipline. This fortifies the writer’s ability to communicate and present information in the most effective way achievable.

This is achieved through the following

1. ALE will present corrections and multiple suggestions prior to implementing changes, in order to help the user learn about the mistakes and inform on how to improve upon the mistakes committed, and highlighting weak links, which makes the tool educational.

2. This is achieved through advanced Machine Learning algorithm that is built to synchronize with the context of the written draft and scans the content to recognize the specific genre and discipline, based on which changes are applied conforming to the tone and standard of the detected discipline.

3. Users can manually select the discipline and tone that they would like the tool to make changes on. ALE tool is capable of forming text for expert audiences, assisting through virtual communication.

Previously, AI-powered editing tools did not have the ability to provide references and research data pertinent to medical science and render it precisely. This defines ALE’s range of application and ALE Machine Learning is developed and trained to learn the evolution of advanced language to remain relevant through its life cycle.

Our vision

We intend diversifying the application of ALE even further by making it compatible with various extended disciplines previously uncovered, and we look forward to integrating complex algorithms, making our tool varied to support languages other than English. Furthermore, we plan on adding more algorithm-based AI features that will have the ability to convert and translate a text written in English into a selected number of languages, and vice versa.

We believe our tool will not only assist in cutting down monotonous tasks for editors and increase their efficiency, but also help academia, educational institutions, and scholars, who would be hugely benefitted from it. In addition, the tool facilitates minimal to no human interference, with regard to any form of written text that was otherwise entirely a manually done task.

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