Author Assists’ impact during COVID-19

Author Assists’ impact during COVID-19

Author Assists’ impact during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to adopt the online approach for their marketing operations. The online presence of Author Assists has elevated its ranking factor in the industry.

Author Assists has been transforming its business content to a more SEO-rich content system for better networking and persistence in transitioning business support. This has been apparent from the fact that we have been able to increase our reader base and significantly provide academic and scientifically rich content across the globe.

This has played a major role in enabling Author Assists to be one of the few companies who have achieved credibility in its commitment to stay relevant in the industry.


Author Assists’ editorial team took the challenge to work round the clock in editing COVID-19-related materials without compromising on the quality.

The editorial team of Author Assists ensured that high-quality information and content materials on COVID-19 are provided within a short span for their rapid publication.

We have invested a significant amount of our resources into developing custom AI support systems and machine learning assistance to fast-track the process of edit, revision, language polishing, assemble and the application of necessary modifications and business rules before the materials were sent for publishing.

Author Assists continually monitored demand spikes and logistical challenges closely to ensure that we mitigate risks and continue to meet our customers’ needs in the ever-changing COVID-19 landscape.

Thus far, we have successfully processed, verified, and delivered 142 high-quality COVID-19 articles in 2020. We have also edited and delivered 19 major COVID-19 materials published in some of the most reputed journals and academic societies in the past two months.

According to the statistics, Author Assists is amongst the leading editorial companies that have delivered high-quality COVID-19 materials consistently within the TAT. Moreover, this was achieved under the work-from-home working environment.

Having to manage and increase in demand while continuing to work in safe working environments exacerbated by pandemic restrictions was a huge challenge. This led to an increase in complex diagnostic systems that helped us to reaffirm the critical need of high-quality, and reliable analytics to ensure the materials are verified and free from errors.


Having overcome the challenge faced during the pandemic and meeting client demands have prepared Author Assists to face greater challenges in the coming future. Our management systems and teams are well prepared to work and thrive in what 2021 has to offer, with a promising uncompromised commitment to deliver high-quality materials.

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